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A bedroom can be more than just a place for sleeping. Jennifer Kopf from Southern Living shows us how adding another spot in your bedroom to rest and relax can make the most of additional space and turn your bedroom into a retreat…

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By Samantha Gurrie

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, yet your accessories can be even more revealing. Specifically, your bag. What’s inside counts—it does hold your most important possessions, from your signature lipstick to your smartphone filled with family photos—but looks matter, too…

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As your workday comes to an end and you’re getting ready to meet your friends for drinks, it’s easy to transition your look from desk to dusk with these five effortless styles…

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By Kitt Crescenzo

The 90’s revival is in full swing, but for the dude too dapper for grunge or too straight-laced for rave there’s a feeling of being left out. Perk up, fellas! There’s no need to sacrifice your natty nature to stay on trend. For a sleek and chic retro look, may we recommend adding a bit of Brit Pop onto your shopping List?

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By Tricia Romano

This week at the movies: Idris Elba glowers for two hours as a baddie; a dolphin named Winter does exactly the opposite and comes up a winner…

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